August 31, 2009

OB patch 1.5, NCsoft Fansite Program and more

Today you can update your game files with the pre-loaded patch. When i started the launcher i manually had to choose "check for updates" for the launcher to recognize the *.ncpatch file. After a quick file check from the launcher, the patch was installed. The issue with the OK button being misplaced has been fixed for me with the new patch. Once you start the game you'll see the intro movie about the cataclysm that split Atreia. Good thing tho: It only plays the first time and does not annoy you afterwards again and again. Thanks for that NCsoft.

It seems some players now started to have trouble with new GameGuard errors once they tried to apply the patch or reinstalled the game. I really hope all the GameGuard trouble will be gone once Aion goes live for retail. Since we had so much trouble and eg. in the beginning even error codes you could not read, i have my doubts about this topic tho.

Another thing i noticed is the NCsoft Fansite Program website form that finally went online. When i checked the website i had to laugh about the criteria tho. Beside other stuff (mainly dedicated to Aion and properly designed), these two bullet points catched my eye:
# Your fansite must provide a short introduction to Aion on its main page.
# Your fansite must be more than a blog.

LOL. Did you check the already listed "official" websites? Some of them only re-post official Aion news and have nearly zero content on their own. I know a bunch of blogs that have far superior content and informations then some of those sides. Don't get me wrong, ofc there are also very good fansites, but many are just an empty shell for advertising. I don't know who came up with the program or who is checking the websites applying, but so far the "official fansite program" is a joke in my eyes. Go and check some websites and their program for yourself and let me know if you come to the same conclusion.

What else is going on at NCsoft? Feels like the guys are really busy preparing for lauch. Brian Knox stated in one of the Gamescom videos NCsoft will most likely hire more staff to support Ayase for dealing with the english community. Probably a good idea, the poor guy is still catching up with his email backlog due to the fair - at least i did not get an answer back yet when i inquired about the status for an official statement about the issues with the Baltic States possibly being IP blocked despite being EU countries. Sebastian posted on the Aionsource forum tho, asking for more patience... thats around two weeks already with basicly zero info from NCsoft about this matter. I'm not affected by this, but i think its bad PR to keep those players in the dark for such a long time.

Beside the final translations for patch 1.5 I'm sure we'll soon see more info about the new content as well. I already read some very interesting infos about the new 1.5 instances, but am still pondering if i should post about it now, since it will be a moment until we'll reach it ourselves and much can change until then.

Edit: Oh yes, forgot to mention one more thing... Since the last "update" to the NCsoft Account pages i can't log into my Master Account anymore due to the password not being recognized. Yay! I read that some people had their passwords reseted to before we were asked to change them. Well, somehow this messed up mine it seems. And yes, I'm 100% it was the right pwd i entered. Now i contacted the NCsoft support, but so far it has not been fixed. My guess: During weekends there is no support for account pages and such OR they are heavily understaffed and have a huge backlog. Make your own pick, I'll keep you posted.


Asgard said...

I hope you will get back your account. Nice post, I am so agree with you, NC soft makes some mystackes, like if they was a little overtaken by the situation...

Thulf said...

Since i did not apply my final serial code to that MA yet, I'm not overly bothered with it since worst case i'll just create a new account. But maybe others are in the same boat and don't have that luxury.
I can understand NCsoft west has enough on their plate atm, i just hope they'll manage to deliver a smooth launch. Since if they don't, this always cost credit from the player fanbase.

No official server list posted yet and if they want to have the Powerwiki up-to-date for launch with 1.5 content (like Ayase told me it would be) they need to throw some manpower there as well.

Anikka said...

Ugh, hope you get your account unbugged-up soon; I honestly didn't think they'd clear the PW que for NCsoft Main accounts... kinda seems odd.

Rer said...

# Your fansite must be more than a blog.

Vive La Resistance!

Arithion said...

I had to redo my password too, it was kind of annoying.

Fansite must be more than a blog... ? WTF? The blog part of the whole thing is what really makes it interesting. I've found information on blogs that hadn't caught my eye anywhere else.
I just hope they realise that somewhere along the line.

And I'm personally a little nervous about the launch - it really needs to be smooth, so I'll cross my fingers.

DVS | said...

I totally agree with you about the so called "Top Aion Sites". They are nothing more than shells that regurgitate (dare I say plagiarize) sites that actually put an effort into producing original content, such as yours.

I find so many of our articles on these "Top sites" too.


Kashmir said...

Hope the password snafu is settled. You have a great fansite here, blog or not. There is no excuse for the slipshod approach to customer service exhibited by NCsoft with regards to Aion. WE are their money. They need to realize this.

Rer said...

A more detailed response.

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