September 01, 2009

Small/Tiny Size Character Hitbox

Since we were just discussing this in our guild forum, i figured i post a few links/pictures about this on my blog as well. Due to the fact that EU/USA beta has been version 1.0 there is still the persistent rumour that tiny characters have a huge advantage in Aion. This is not true and the hitbox has been fixed in one of the patches. There is a small difference in the size of the hitbox - basicly the hitbox from tiny chars goes up to the shoulders of normal chars, which reach up to the shoulders of huge characters. You can see on the pictures what I'm refering to. There is also a video on youtube showing the char hitbox. As you can see the advantage is not as large as some people want to make you believe.

I'm only talking about the hitbox and not a visual advantage if you have a small character standing behind a larger one or hiding behind a bush. Here is a thread that showcases the visual difference nicely between small and large characters.
One thing to keep in mind tho - or maybe test during open beta - is that if you create a midget char, the character animations for running, fighting, etc. look kind of weird, as if your char smoked some speed mushrooms. Personally i don't like it and will create a larger char for my Templar. Anyway, hope this gives you something you can test or think about during open beta.


Rer said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I'm going to spam post this in every Aion forum I know in an attempt to minimize (lol pun) the amount of short characters created.

Arithion said...

Although I've seen a reference or two to this, it does make me happy to see it again.

Considering the fact that my girl looks better when she's bigger... I now feel vindicated.

Proximo said...

Wait a min, hitboxes ? Does this mean that Aion does not simply have a "click to target and the attack will land" system like in WoW ?
I was under the impression that it did?

Thulf said...

It does. If you watch the video you know what is refered to. Basicly the characters can be so tiny, that the hitbox is larger then the char so you can select them nearly as easy as normal chars - else the advantage of midgets would be too great.

And mark my words: Afro-Midgets, we'll see a lot of them.

Rer said...

"And mark my words: Afro-Midgets, we'll see a lot of them."

Gary Coleman from the 70s plays Aion?

Proximo said...

So basically we are talking about "targetingboxes" rather than "hitboxes" then ?
I mean in most other games hitboxes refer to a system that determines what part of the body your attack hits. Mortal Online has this and so has most FPS games like Soldier of Fortune 2 where hitting someone in the arm will defacto blow his arm off. Headshot anyone ? :P

Anyways, these "hitboxes" in Aion affects nothing else but targeting if I understood you correctly ?

Thulf said...


Yeah, exactly.

Scarybooster said...

This was a factor in DAoC also. A lit of people played short characters to hide better. I'm not sure if the hitboxes were that same but when I was playing ppl made tiny toons for PvP. I can see Aion with a rash of stealthers being tiny just like in DAoC