September 23, 2009

Ding, lvl 20

Alright, the headstart so far has been very busy. Like i mentioned before our guild Versus joined the EU server Gorgos. There are a bunch of players in their mid-twenties now, so we can expect some Abyss activity soonish. Our plan for the headstart was to stay ahead of the crowd and i think our guild manages quite good so far. We can also proudly say that we were the first legion to kill King Zugog on our server. Despite that i did not play as much as some others, my Templar Thulf did hit lvl 20 today. Since i played through the first 20 levels two times already, now comes the fun stuff as i don't know all the quests and tasks. Even with the patch 1.5 the leveling takes some effort and with approx. 18.5 levels i did hit a wall where i had to grind elites and only very few elite quests left. Some longer guild group action got me over the dead point tho. Trying to get your hands on nice gear from named mobs has been fairly easy in beta, but is a bitch right now. Looks like everything is being camped or on a respawn timer.

Due to the enforced character creation rules all servers look fairly balanced so far. Check out the new official Server Statistics site.

Did you see the new Aion live Character & Legion Database?

I'll try to take more notes and post some stuff about my adventures while i get further into the game. Since NCsoft made a major update to their Powerwiki some new information came through, so i have to update older guides i posted. Kudos to NCsoft for pulling off so many website updates. TBH i did not think they would make it in time. Updating older posts in my blog can take a few days tho, as i have to balance playtime and writing for my blog. ;)


Slurms said...

Impressive! I just hit 16 last night.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the character creation enforcement, which a year ago on Warhammer would have been ripped to shreds as a bad idea, seems to be accepted a lot more reasonably than I would have thought.

However given that people may have had experience of some of the problems that warhammer experienced with unbalanced sides, may feel it's a good idea this time.

If people stick with their characters long enough, then an attachment may form, which will help there alliance become permanent.

Snafzg said...

I'm loving Aion so far and I haven't even done a lick of PvP! Lol -- I guess I've taken a break from it for so long that it doesn't really bother me right now.

I got 13 last night and got my Alchemy up to 50. I'm taking it nice and slow so far as I'm still waiting for a friend to pick up the game.

Glad to see you found happiness in Aion, Thulf! :P

Eyeball said...

I hit 24 last night. The leveling grind is going slow, but steady. I wish it was going a little faster, but it sucks playing during primetime because everyone else is fighting over the same mobs once you get out of the zones with channels. I have been trying to start playing at 10pm-9am range which is pretty nice since no one is really up playing.

Khada said...

sooooooo any word on vent servers?

Scarybooster said...

I just got into Aion so I'm coming in with fresh eyes and slow pace. So far I have enjoyed the game very much and count on your blog to bring me the goodies. Keep up the great work. I got level 5 lastnight. I'm blazin'

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