September 25, 2009

Busy, busy

I know, i know... I'm slacking with my blog. The game started, where are the daily updates and more details about juicy boss fights, more tips and such? Well, since I'm still trying to stay ahead of the crowd - it's insane to quest in areas where *everything is being camped* - and also started to meddle with crafting inbetween, time to look at my notes and write new blog entries has been... rare. Busy, busy all the time... trying to catch up with my higher level guildies. My Templar Thulf is lvl 22 now and i can finally use the Inescapable Judgment I Stigma i bought from the AH for 75.000 kinah. Level 22 is really something to look forward to as you'll get a bunch of new and useful skills.

As i mentioned earlier i wrote some articles and such for different Aion publications. Some of the stuff has not being polished by me yet and is not used there since we could not agree on terms. I'm torn tho if i should put a lot of work into writing "long" guides for my blog since there are so many people that just blatantly steal your content, doing a copy/paste job onto their own website to generate content. I think for the moment I'll stick to the shorter post style like i maintain right now. Some days ago while i was thinking about it, i had the idea to set up a "coffee club" - basicly everytime someone spends the time to buy me a coffee i generate some short article with tips and send it to all those that already bought one. Then again that feels like ppl are forced to use that option, which is not true. I don't know... will think about this further. Just felt like i should do the guys & girls something nice.

I got a bunch of stuff in the pipeline, just need enough time to go over notes and write about it. Stay tuned...

Tip of the Day: Once you get the Quest [Spy] Liquor that Makes You Vanish (asmo), wait with drinking the liquor until you picked up more [Spy] quests (around lvl 22 & 23) and then use this quest as your ticket into Elyos country. Rifting, especially at the early levels due to some areas being off-limit for you, is somewhat random and it can take a while until you are able to grab a rift. Not to mention some entrance areas being... not suitable for lower levels. ;)


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Scarybooster said...

Great post Thulf! I love reading your Aion stuff. How does Aion compare to WAR? I'm only level 5 but I've enjoyed the time in game so far. WoW raids keep me from Aion during the week but I hope to get level 10-15 this weekend. I can't wait to read more. I'm adding you to my blogroll

Michael said...

All in good time, Thulf. I'm quite busy myself playing my Templar which hit Level 19 today. So far I'm having a great time with my pals :)

What I am curious about to read is some details on the game mechanic like what impact the various stats have, e.g. Accuracy is a mystery to me as I didn't notice any miss messages until now.

Proximo said...

While I love reading your posts and hope for new ones on a daily basis I fully sympathize with you not finding the time ^^
Love your blog as I loved the old one (stuntystomper), I said back there it was sad you where going Aion since I had no interest in it, but things took a u-turn on me and I am actually loving the game so far. Keeping myself busy leveling my Sin and sideleveling a Gladiator when my girlfriend plays as well.

Anyways, hope to see more posts soon!

@Michael: When fighting regular mobs your own level or below you won't see much misses, but once you start hitting elites and especially bosses it will be a different story and you will find accuracy to become very valuable especially as a tank since you will start missing on your enmity increasing chain skills ><

findtheminaion said...

If it's any consolation, I've been lazy and my elyos toon just hit 20 yesterday: for someone that I'm sure has a lot going on, 22 is a pretty decent achievement at this point! I have to say, the starter stigma are pretty significant - I know it's been speeding up my grind a bit, at least. Extra 15% damage for my rage charm? Killer.

I'm blogging a little bit about my experiences in game, but asof now, it is incredibly unpolished and not worth mentioning (much less copying and pasting). I'd say look at people trying to use your material as a compliment, then give them a stern warning that copying your material without permission orcorrect sourcing is plagiarism, and is a pretty serious offense, even in the online community.

I do like what I'm seeing so far, and look forward to reading more from you!