September 04, 2009

The Monster Raffle

Welcome to the Monster Raffle contest! Like i mentioned earlier, I'm hosting a small contest to celebrate the upcoming headstart & launch of Aion properly.

How to enter the contest?
You need to post a link to a screenshot of an Aion monster in the comments and give it a new name. We all know the western translations are great, but i know you guys can do even better. And yes, names like "encrusted oogling altgard flerp-tadpole" is very well a good name. It is explicitly allowed to photoshop or alter the screenshot to make it fit your new name!

How long will the contest run?
You have time until the end of the open beta phase, so you can take further screenshots while being able to play. Else you can ofc use AionArmory or Google Images, etc. to find proper pictures. So the last day to post an entry is the 13/09.

What can you win?
The prizes are kindly provided by my blog sponsor UGT Servers. The funniest three entries will win each a free two month premium ventrilo 10slot server, so you can enjoy the headstart and beginning of the game with your friends. Many new things to explore and find out, what better way then to have your own ventrilo server to talk while adventuring? There are no strings attached, once the free months are over your account will just stop working if you don't want to keep it.

In addition i decided to do a random raffle for another two month server between those readers that spend the time to buy me a coffee, as i think thats darn nice of them! I'll use the same deadline then for the rest of the contest for this. *hint hint*

That's about it.. sounds easy enough? What are you waiting for... go, paint that snapper red!


Comus said...

Nice idea! I'll try to come up with an entry.

Khada said...

My masterpiece:


Thulf said...

Hehe.. reminds me of someone, have to figure out whom.

karthur13 said...

aim: karthur13