September 09, 2009

Another 5000 Open Beta Keys (EU) at Eurogamer

Be quick and grab one over at Eurogamer if you still have friends that lack one.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick warning, I've tried to download twice off Gamershell and both times the Client was corrupted.

Radek said...

Use torrent instead. Anyway, I never had a chance to collect their "open" beta key. They should stop calling this "open" since to obtain the key means track every possible gamers website and pray to get one. I'll wait for the retail, but so far Aion EU didn't impressed me much.

Ripoff said...

Open Beta does not mean free for all. That would be a trial version that normally releases after launch.

I've been in tons of betas and normally closed beta is a hassle to get into and open beta is open for people who preordered and such. If you look at it this way, Aion closed beta was actually an open beta. All you had to do to get into all stages of betas was pre order. It has never been so easy to get a beta key.

@topic GL to all who still need a key ;)