August 19, 2009

Pandaemonium: The Apellbine Tavern

I'm sure many of you were very busy leveling and trying out the different classes during the closed beta events. Did you take proper time to explore your capitol city? I did spend quite a while running around inside the Pandaemonium (more about that maybe tomorrow). Did you find the Apellbine Tavern? It's in the lower SW part of the Pandaemonium. It looks like the place you can have some fun parties at and idle around with friends. Roleplayers will like it, I'm sure. In the back there is a second room with a large table. First thought when i entered it: Damn, a cage for dancing entertainment - unfortunately you can't enter it. Nice room anyway.

While you're inside the Tavern make sure you read the book "Cruel Reality of the Brilliant", which is a fun read. The part i liked most is the one about Kinterun, the Master Armorsmith of Pandaemonium, who won the nightly swearing contest inside the tavern every evening for 157 years. He even invented his own famous swear-words like "thrice-drakblasted" or "flerp". Read it, the pic shows the passage about him. Did you know nearly every major place inside the capitol city has a book laying around somewhere that tells you about the story/history of that place or gives you other background information?

Even more interesting tho is a vendor called Seriphim who sells more emotes you can buy & learn. The vendor (i know there is one in Sanctum inside the tavern as well) sells six additional emotes for a rather reasonable price. This is the kind of fluff stuff i like. Nothing major but it enhances the overall atmosphere and looking at the hats, costumes and masks you can get as well in Aion, it looks promising there will be more of this surfacing. The two pictures below show you how the Birthday emote and the lively proposal look. The others you have to find out yourself. ;)

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