August 18, 2009

Does NCsoft split up the EU Community due to licensing?

Today i read some weird news. Following the discussion here and here, it seems that NCsoft decided the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) are not part of the EU and "sold" their license to the company that will publish the Russian version of Aion. Apparently enforcing this via an IP block, which will prevent friends from Eastern Europe to join us on the EU servers. In the same boat appear to be the EU candidate countries Croatia and Turkey. Needless to say those players are very angry if this turns out to be true. Here is a well written open letter to NCsoft from a Lithuanian blogger. I did not see any official response from NCsoft yet on this matter, let's hope they clear it up being a mistake, not enforcing IP blocks.

Edit: Here is another thread about it.

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Rer said...

Woah, hope this clears up fast. Things could get messy quick.