August 29, 2009

New 1.5 Translations

Since AionArmory updated their database with apparently all the patch 1.5 names, you can see many skills or items changed their names. I updated my Stigma Stone posts with the new names to avoid confusion. A bunch of gathered items changed names as well btw. After playing the beta for a while it will take a moment to get used to all the changed names. ;)

In addition I'm happy to announce that UGT Servers are interested in sponsoring my Aion blog, like they did with my WAR blog. To celebrate the upcoming open beta & headstart, I'll host a small contest where you can win free ventrilo server access so you can adventure properly together with your friends. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Life long misfit! said...

Kinda ticks me off most of the gatherables (even refining stones) got renamed. Now I have to go back to all the guides I wrote and try and update them. At least I have something to do until release.

Again, love your blog and keep up the good work.