August 07, 2009

Treasure Boxes

During the last beta event i found a Treasure Box in a cave in Morheim. The first one i saw so far, but looks like it could be worth having an open eye out for those. I don't know how their loot tables are and if eg. you can be lucky enough to get a green/blue from them. I also heard about a Gigantic Box "boss", which you have to attack for a very long time since you only do 1dmg to it. It's always a nice touch if you can find stuff while leaving the normal paths. There is a bunch of named mobs every now and then as well, from some i got pretty neat things during the beta. Despite many zones have a quite linear feeling, things like this give me hope there is stuff to discover and explore.

In addition i wanted to mention two funny videos i saw for Aion:
1. The Personal Shop Trap - LOL
2. Obama plays Aion - the whole video I'm waiting he takes out a precioussss ring, especially after the scene where he caught the fish. ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for them.

Nice blog btw.

CagedElephant said...

I'm really enjoying the new blog so far! By the way I've killed a couple of the Gigantic Boxes, they drop nice green gear all named Treasure Hunter's *****. I think it drops every type of weapon as well as a couple accessories. It always drops 4 or 5 different greens at a time. With a full group it takes about 45 minutes to kill it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone knowing locations for these boxes in beluslan?