August 10, 2009

Strange Quest Rewards

Those of you that played WAR will remember the ton of grey items you could get via quests that were supposed to have a hidden purpose (but had none). While questing in the asmodian starter zone i encountered the Treasure of the Deceased quest, that grants you the Brooch of Ghost item as an additional reward. Does anyone know what to do with that or saw other grey quality rewards from quests yet? Maybe in Aion those items have a hidden purpose? When you use the "sell misc" button at a vendor, the brooch won't be added by default. You can sell it if you wish tho. Initially i thought there might be some connection with this ghost soldier running around the graveyard, since he did not seem to have any purpose either. I did not incquire further since i wanted to get my wings asap, but will have a look for it again come retail or open beta.


Obiwoobi said...

did you try to equip it ?
maybe it's just for the look, coz
u can see accessories u wear :)

Diamonddust said...

The Ghost Soldier walking around has a optional quest. The ghosts around that area can drop a scroll which is a quest you can do with him.

There is another similar scroll quest at the starting area which drops of the airons i believe.

Thulf said...

Thanks for sharing, that's good to know.

Anonymous said...

The ghosts drop a Silver Necklace, which grants the quest Ashes to Ashes.

Anonymous said...

The Brooch of Ghost sells for 600 Kinah. You can't equip it.

I think it's there just for extra money (and flavor)... :)

aL to the Gee said...

there is another drop quest in ishalgen, you can get it from the whitefoot daru which spawn near the witch in the forest. it can take a while, sometimes it drops after the 3rd mob, sometimes you have to grind for 30 minutes.
you get a scroll and have to find an axe, talk to an npc and give three answers. if you give the correct answers (read the scroll), then you get three axes. the golden one can be equipped (i think it works like a mace), the others can be sold for a little bunch of kinah.