August 12, 2009

More MiniMaps

I posted three more MiniMaps in the Aion Zone Maps thread: Altgard, Poeta and Verteron. I'm also working on a longer article about the Abyss, which I'll post later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned.
To keep you entertained, here are two more videos for you:
1. Aion ENU - Origins a kind of lore explanation video how it came to the cataclysm.
2. Aion - Finding True Manhood a Michael Jackson looking guy searching for his Manhood. This video looks promising we'll see many more machinima with Aion. It also shows a few scenes from the new dungeons, like the pirate ship.


Rer said...

Your maps are awesome man, keep up the good work. I too have decided to move on from WAR to Aion, so hopefully I'll see you around.

Thulf said...

Thanks Firstto, sure will. :)