August 14, 2009

Aion 1.5: Advanced Templar Stigmas

Since our version of Aion is not 1.5 yet we need to rely on translations and poking around at the korean websites to get the juicy details about certain game updates. Inspired by a post from Valador here, i thought i'd slap together some gfx for the advanced 1.5 Templar stigmas.
26.11.09: updated the names for the advanced stigmas with the latest translations.

To be clear: YES, you need to have all the prerequisite Stigmas equipped to use the advanced lvl 45 & 50 ones. You can buy the advanced Stigmas with Abyss points.

Prayer of Resilience I - Required Stigma(s): Incite Rage - Recovers your HP by 2181, 206 Mana, 3 Min recharge, instant

Prayer of Victory I - Required Stigma(s): Bodyguard / Provoking Roar - Increases the Maximum HP of you and that of up to 6 allies within 10m radius of you by 1000 for 2 min, 206 Mana, 5 min recharge, instant cast.

Shield of Faith I - Required Stigma(s): Prayer of Resilience / Prayer of Victory I - Blocks up to 10 attacks with shield for 30 sec.
A shield required, 165 Mana, 3 min recharge, instant cast.

Magic Smash I - Required Stigma(s): Holy Shield - Inflicts 1185 magical earth damage on a target within a 25m radius of you.
Chain Skill Level 3. Ferocious Strike > Robust Blow > Magic Smash. 165 Mana, 30 second recharge, instant cast.

Divine Justice I - Required Stigma(s): Divine Fury / Break Power - Inflicts 829 magical earth damage on a target within a 25m radius and also stuns the target for 2 sec, 165 Mana, 2 min recharge, 0.5 second cast time.

Empyrean Fury I - Required Stigma(s): Divine Justice / Magic Smash - Increases Physical Attack, Magical Accuracy, and Magical Skill Boost by 50%, 200, and 200 respectively for 30 sec, 165 Mana, 90 second recharge, instant cast.

» If you need general infos about the stigma system check here.


Anonymous said...

Pre-requisite arrows are incorret for Mind Destruction/Magic Blow.

Thulf said...

very true, thanks for spotting this. fixed now.

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WeRT said...

Thx mate! :)
I will play Asmodian Templar also.
So much to learn again after WAR... :D Yay !! :D

Rer said...

I'll make sure to pass this onto my legion's templars.

Genix said...

Nice Post mate, very helpful.