August 28, 2009

CBT to OBT patch 1.5 download

Since yesterday night the downloads for the client patch 1.5 are open - size is 3,075.1 MB. Should you use the official launcher to patch, you'll only download the patch in parts and the launcher tells you some mumbojambo about the patch being applied after 31.08. or something. IMO the best way to download the patch or the alternative methods as follows:

Official Torrent

Fileplanet (you don't need to be a paying subscriber)

Update: GamersHell

Apparently there is a glitch in the 1.5 client that lets your OK button appear above the password field, others have that as well. No need to panic. ;)

Update: Just to let you know, i downloaded the patch via FP and after the install the NCsoft launcher gave me some error. I just closed the launcher and started the game (think you can also restart launcher and check for updates), which then gave me the info in the launcher i pre-downloaded the patch which would be applied on 31.08.09 - so thats normal.


Anonymous said...

I get the OK button higher up to. Do you know of a way otherwise to confirm you are running the 1.5 version (since you can't log onto the servers and only have the login screen)?

Thulf said...

Only thing is to have the Aion_Main_1.0.2.14To1.5.0.1.ncpatch file in your Aion folder and the launcher tells you, you did pre-load the patch for 31.08.

Saktoth said...

I downloaded and reinstalled a couple of days ago and did already notice the issue with the OK button. That said it apparently isn't specifically related to the 1.5 patch.