August 18, 2009

Creating a Legion (Guild) in Aion

The Legion (Guild) System in Aion is not very well explained at the official website yet. Since i see many questions about it while people try to organize their guild for the upcoming headstart, i figured i should give you a quick rundown from what info i gathered so far. Compared to some other MMOs the Aion system is a bit rudimentary, but should work. Maybe it will be enhanced with some upcoming patch, lets hope for that. To create a legion you need to visit the Legion Administration Office in your faction capitol.

So far there are three different legion levels. I took this table from the Powerwiki:

Despite what the table says, i did spend 11.585 Kinah to create a guild, maybe its affected by the tax/influence system as well that causes prices to fluctuate in Aion. As you can see the amount of members a legion can have is limited by legion level. I know that some very large clans in Korea use several guilds with the same emblem since they can't fit all members. I heard some rumours about another legion level being added (with 120 member slots), but did not see any confirmation yet. The basic lvl 1 legion can use all of the legion menu system (Menu -> Community -> Legion). Access to the Legion Warehouse, which is located in the back of the Financial District, is also granted. Initially you can use 24 slots there, seems at legion level 2 you'll get an additional row for your legion warehouse. Ayase confirmed that the amount of characters being used for legion names will be expanded in western retail. Update: A Legion name can have 32 characters (including spaces) Amboss confirmed.

The legion permission/rank system in Aion is a bit lackluster so far. The ranks you can adjust are only few. There are three permission levels in a legion currently:
Brigade General (legion master - only one)
Centurion (officers)
Legionary (normal members)

The korean version of Aion has some kind of armory system (at the official website) for players and also guilds and from the look of it there is a basic bulletin board connected as well. At least you can add some info to your character that other guild members can read, which is helpful for recognizing alts or what professions people have, etc.

Depending on the legion level there are different Legion Items to purchase at Skan (Asmodian) or Gwenspena (Elyos):
legion lvl 1: none
legion lvl 2: Legion Shield, Small Multiple Fire Cannon
legion lvl 3: Asmodian Large Kisk Summoning Stone, Medium Multiple Fire Cannon,
Large Multiple Fire Cannon

Legion Cloak/Cape
With level 1 all members get a basic cloak with dark background and faction emblem (see first pic). At lvl 2 you can change the background color and choose a new emblem design from a limited range. As you can see on the pictures, Asmodians get a sort of half-cape because of their hairy backs. With legion level two you can also buy the legion shield, which can also be used to donate the model at the remodel shop. The shield will adopt the color from the legion cloak. Below are two examples, one for Asmodians and one for Elyos. The legion emblem will be displayed on cloaks, the legion shield and on the character tooltip other players see. In addition should your legion claim any artifacts or fortresses inside the Abyss, your emblem will be displayed there as well.

Really interesting is the option you get with legion level 3: You can upload your own emblem design into the game. This is really cool! The design needs to be 256x256 pixel and has to be named emblem.bmp (24bit) or emblem.tga (32bit) and be located in your main Aion folder. Your best shot at a good logo with a transparent background is saving the logo as a 32bit tga, using a transparent background via alpha channel layer. There are a few tutorials out there (1,2) how to do it, but the latest Photoshop versions changed the way they handle .tga files. So if you use Photoshop, your best bet is to create the logo, save the .psd and then load it eg. with Gimp (free program) and save the .tga from there. Or you create it with eg. Gimp from the start. The legion emblem can be changed at any time for a small fee, should you make a mistake.

Update 19.08.09: Added info about lvl 2 warehouse and adjusted legion item levels.


Yarrnath said...

Really interesting blog you've got here with some very useful info. Thank you!

ZLD said...

Thanks for the info!
Any idea what the guild permission ranks do for characters? Do all players have bank access, for instance?

Thulf said...

Check the 2nd picture with the UI, you can see the permission settings there.

Neanot said...

Nice to see you have come to Aion after WAR. You always have good info in your guides.

Zybez said...

Thanks for the great guide.

Anonymous said...

The option to upload your own image is great.

But it looks like they took the easy way out and just put an ugly square on the shield.......

They could have at least made it a circle or something.

Anonymous said...

admire the freedom to allow players to upload their own images for their legions. To be honest there is always people who abuse opportunities such a this. I bet once the NA and EU servers go up some sick people or immature kids are going to going to upload something offensive or profane. An example would be like the Nazi symbol or something thinking its funny.
Just wondering are the pictures screened before they are uploaded?

Anonymous said...

Awesome write up, it was very useful. I have one question though. Once you achieve legion level 3, can you lose it if your members fall below the 20+ member requirement? As in your legion will drop to level 2?

Anonymous said...

simply great tnx said...

Can you tell me if the legion membership is "by account" or "by character"? This is my first MMO that I'm playing, and I'd like to have my own legion for one character, and have some of my other characters in other legions. Is this even possible?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's per character. Each new toon can join a different legion.

Anonymous said...

I created a legion and am trying to get my other characters on same account same server in the same legion or guild like guild wars. Is this possible? When i try to add is says character doesnt exist.

Anonymous said...

you probubly need to be online with those other characters to add them to the legion

Gonna said...

just thought i would drop in to see if anyone has any advice.
its a little off topic, but i cant get help anywhere welse.

trying to get my legion rank to show on my legions website.

GK Aion API has something that will allow you to pull xml, etc, from aions website.. i just dont know how to pull the info out of it onto the page..


anyway, anyone have any help for this, i;d really appreciate it :)

Cari said...

Never Use a BLACK Background, it's darker than the rest of the cape ... believe me it's horrible