August 10, 2009

Aion Zone Maps

While i was poking around with Aion stuff i realized that neither Powerwiki nor AionSource got all zone maps correct online. So i figured I would upload you all zone maps and link some additional information. This post is to be understood as a work-in-progress, I'll try to fill in some more zone information when i get there. The level range is just a rough guess from me, since i did not play past lvl 21 yet. The Elysea maps are for you Elyos players, but since I'll be Asmodian, don't expect them to become filled with info. ;)
Feel free to use the comments to augment these infos...

» Download all Maps from my Blog in one large (13.7MB) file «

Note: You can find maps of the Abyss zones here.

Asmodae Maps

Pandaemonium (capitol)

» Powerwiki Quest Info for Pandaemonium

Ishalgen (~lvl 1-10)
Starter zone

» Powerwiki Quest Info for Ishalgen

Altgard (~lvl 10-20)

» Powerwiki Quest Info for Altgard

Morheim (~lvl 21-40)

» Powerwiki Quest Info for Morheim

Brusthonin (~lvl 20-25/45-50)

» Powerwiki Quest Info for Brusthonin

Beluslan (~lvl 30-50)

» Powerwiki Quest Info for Beluslan

Elysea Maps

Sanctum (capitol)

» Powerwiki Quest Info for Sanctum

Poeta (~lvl 1-10)
Starter zone

» Powerwiki Quest Info for Poeta

Verteron (~lvl 10-20)

» Powerwiki Quest Info for Verteron

Eltnen (~lvl 21-40)

» Powerwiki Quest Info for Eltnen

Theobomos (~lvl 20-25/45-50)

» Powerwiki Quest Info for Theobomos

Heiron (~lvl 30-50)

» Powerwiki Quest Info for Heiron

26.11.09 - Updated Quest Info from Powerwiki for zones.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the maps, look real useful. Was looking for something exactly like this. :) said...

Thank you very much for the map (and while I'm at it, thanks for the site!)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the maps! helped a lot when I could find some villages that I wanted to travel to.

Anonymous said...

Tnx alot, this sure helps with rifting :)

Scapegoat said...

Thulf, thanks so much, if i could request some instance maps? would make my life 100 times better, love you long time? -- i know it is tough to make instance maps with different levels.. but i also know you'd be the only one that could pull it off.. or if you have any tips on how to pull map info from aion files, do tell!

Thulf said...

I started on a Map for Steel Rake, but tbh I'm not sure if I'll finish it.

In general creating the maps is some work in itself (for Aion its a bit of puzzle work) and if you add marking & mapping all the different POIs there goes quite some amount of work into a decent map. ;)

Over the last months i had many people eMail me and ask about more maps, but my time was short. And then there is always the issue that many people just take your work, use it for their own purpose and don't even give you credit. Happened to me before, is still happening and probably will happen again. It's not about the gfx, but about the time invested. So I only release instance maps if they are 100% finished, because once properly released then they'll spread quite fast and more people will inform me if they see someone doing the copy-cat on stuff i created.

To make a long story short, not sure if/when I'll create more maps for Aion.

Anonymous said...

Thulf, those maps are great.
And I found once some dude used those maps to make this (check ss):

Could you make exactly this for Eltnen and send me on msn or post somwhere, please?

Thulf said...

Since i cancled my aion subscription, atm I'm not really up to invest time into aion stuff. And btw, you posted anonymous, so makes it hard to send you a PM or something. ;)

Intruder said...

Thulf, sorry.... here im now with username, not anymore Anonymous... ^^
Could you send me PM now ?? I would be very thankfull to you. :D

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Anonymous said...

GREAT Thanks :)

Jacob Brenden said...

This post looks pretty old thulf, so I'm going to go ahead and use these maps in my website if thats alright with you giving you of course full credit. If you'd like to check out the website or you'd rather I just dont post them on my site, I can and will remove them for you. I wouldn't mind making my own if I had the time, but I dont which is why I really appreciate all your hard work. Here is the address if your interested in how your maps are being used. And this is also for anyone new to aion looking for a legion to join, we are open, friendly, and willing to help, just post a comment on the website with your characters name.!home/mainPage

Stefen001 said...

I know that this is considered "Necro-posting" because of the last comment date, and I'm sorry if it goes against any rules or what-not. I was just wondering how you made these maps. And if it be okay, if I could try to make the missing maps.

Poonam Gupta said...
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Poonam Gupta said...

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