November 24, 2009

New Aion Vision Trailer

NCsoft posted a trailer with things in their pipeline. From the looks its just a concept trailer, but the stuff looks really nice. If they only manage to implement half of it, people will be happy. That is, if NCsoft can finally battle the bots, gold sellers and implement a real customer support ingame. The trailer shows a lot of things and besides those hints that Aion will be upgraded to a new version of the CryEngine (at least version 2, possibly version 3) in the future. The graphics look really stunning.

Aside from the new engine, from what i saw the trailer shows:
- swimming & diving (underwater areas)
- new really large creatures to fight (including a big ass dragon)
- seasons in all areas including capitols
- player housing (including custom furniture) next to capitols
- some kind of black-board system
- new travel system via boat (water & air), probably addition to flight master
- player mounts with option to carry another player with you as well
- feature to knockdown/tame wild animals and ride those
- new weapons/spells
- crossbows
- a Templar transforming his shield into a grappling-hook-hand
- Spiritmaster fighting on the back of a raptor
- the summoning of a huuuge mountain like giant
- a large battle between Elyos & Asmodians inside the asmo player housing area

Truely some cool stuff. Anything else you spotted, that i did miss?

Edit: You can download a HD version (448MB) of the trailer in .flv from NC korea here.


★Maria★ said...

Whoa, that seriously sounds awesome... It would be really great having these things in game eventually~ ^^

WeRT said...

Okey - trailer looks nice... but:

- i don't see "lets make a game little less farm/grind fest"
- let's balance classes and make tanks do other things in PvP then pull the guy and dps them with 2h.
- scenarios / battlegrounds
- dual targeting
- drop from instances bosses (i heard about one of my legion guild-mate who made a Kromdede ~200 - still no drop from here - and i don't care on what run you have your drop)
- lvl balancing. In War 35 guy if he play against 40 lvl noob he can easly pwn him. Here you can't - armour + skills + dps + level dmg reducing allow you to wait & die.
- PvE and gear impact on PvP is too great imo.

So ... For me... Who actually turn off subscription, this new trailer is something similar to Warhammer Online: The Land of the Dead. It looks awesome - it keeps people in game, but it's not a response for PvP players like me.

ps. I can live with things like some of you said "This game is for me - i love it!<3" so try understand me ;)

MurderU said...

I realy enjoy ur blogg m8. Recommending it to everyone I know. Please keep up the good work!
Best Regards

Middea said...

I think scenarios/battlegrounds would be bad. I like the way there is the Dreadgion instance, that is a good way to have the pvpve thing going on, but it doesn't take out too many viable players for too long from the Abyss option.

They could do with including some more variety in the level of mobs in the Abyss, I love going out there and "grinding" I know I won't be in the same spot for very long because I just know an Elyos will cross my radar at some point.

WeRT said...

Awesome idea!

Stickyshot said...

Thats seriously cool features. Hope they will made these changes soone :)

runescape account said...

vl balancing. In War 35 guy if he play against 40 lvl noob he can easly pwn him. Here you can't - armour + skills + dps + level dmg reducing allow you to wait & die.