February 14, 2010

Canceled my Aion subscription

Just fyi i did cancel my Aion subscription recently. I did not really miss the game during my short break and that - at least for me - is always a bad sign. Despite what NCsoft says, the grind and the missing incentive (eg. finding new useful & fun stuff on mobs etc.) plus many people leaving i was playing with did the rest. In addition there are some core problem with class balance for melee & ranged classes at the higher levels IMO. I don't want to rant too much here or go further into detail. I got a bunch of unfinished maps and instance stuff, but don't think I'll publish them since i dislike posting unfinished stuff. Maybe if i get bored i might finish some and add them here some day.

I'm not sure what the next MMO will be i play or if I'll start a new blog about it, but you can be sure I'll keep you posted about it. From the looks of it i might play Allods Online (EU) casually for a while and see how that moves along. If you'll play on the EU server and want to team up, poke me about it.

So to all readers, some of you followed me since WAR, thanks for reading and all those nice eMails and ingame chats.


Slurms said...

Thanks for the update Thulf! Been wondering what you've been up to.

Ever considered doing a multi-game blog? That really worked out for me. I don't feel obligated to stay with a game, I just write about whatever I'm playing.

But whatever road you take, I hope you pick something up and write about it. It's always a pleasure reading your stuff.

Thulf said...

I did consider writing a multi-game blog or even joining one as an occasional co-writer, but it would prevent me from using a game specific theme/navigation and makes it harder to optimize it for that specific "niche market".

Don't know yet what I'll do about it, but be assured I'll keep blogging in mind when i do. ;)

Slurms said...

Very true. I know we'd get a ton more hits if we were focused on a single game, but it's not like we make money on it, we just do it for kicks. =D

If you ever want to throw some guest posts up on our site, let me know. You'd be more than welcome to, but I'm sure you could do better than us lol.

jamesy said...

Glad you've seen the light.
A shame that another so called triple A title MMO hits the wall, but tbh I saw it coming after lvl 35. Unfortunately Aion was a huge disappointment, and has bought very few new innovations to the genre.

I hope you do blogg about Allods. It's been one I've been keeping an eye on while playing LotRO.

Have you thought about doing a Warhammer revisted blogg? Just to see what has changed and such?
I thought your War blogg was the best one out there btw.

Good luck, and keep blogging. :)

Thulf said...

Don't hide your light under a bushel, multiplaying.net is a godd gaming website, tho your fellow writers became a tad silent atm. ;)

So far I've never picked up a game again after i quit it. I guess that will only happen if i get really bored or really want to play again with a bunch of people playing it.

Slurms said...

Thanks for the compliment! =D

If you ever feel like writing something on there, throw me a line at multiplaying@gmail.com

Castamere said...

I've been reading your stuff since Stunty Stomper and I will continue to read no matter where you go (even though I honestly gave Aion a shot in beta and realized it simply wasn't for me). The wife and I will also be playing Allods so if you do start blogging about that, we'd certainly welcome your insight!

Knaves said...

Your maps were great. Too bad you aren't intending to pursue them any further. Aion has a strange dirth of really solid mapped out info.

I'm extremely curious how you got the minimaps of the entire zones like you posted. Did you extract the game files somehow or were they already posted somewhere else? I've been wanting to make my own but I don't see how.

Thulf said...

Yes, you have to extract the minimap files from the aion .pak files. Beside getting your head around finding the correct ones, you'll see that the files are only 256px and you have to stitch them together by yourself in the correct order. So it's a bit of work involved to create one.

Knaves said...

I've taken a look through this process now. I see why you've said its labor intensive requiring a lot of "stitching" the pieces together. (and I see why you're hesitant to just let anyone claim your work) I'm trying to figure out how large the maps should be now, but it seems like there's so many squares in one row it doesn't end! Do you have any advice?

If you'd prefer not to comment on your methods I don't mind respecting your wishes however. Thanks.

WeRT said...


If you have a problem to choose your next MMO, try WAR free trial on Azgal. And i more then srs. Do not sub game, just play on EFT, twinking and killing Order. I found, with many friends from old dead servers, that T1 is exactly what we're looking in WAR in T4. Killing ppl. Without endless grind RR, leeching BO, farming keeps/forts or doin big joke PQ called City and spamin AoE.

Yes, i miss old days in WAR, i miss ppl, but i found new ones, old WAR players and they also refuse to back to T4.

martha werth said...

I agree,

the AION Level Cap increase did hurt the game, the endless grind will go on

i also dislike the high pvp death penaltys, the kinda suck if you are at a high rank

Skorem said...

Actually from playbg WAR at launch but ne ver getting high level due to the many issues the game had then... not it is a lot of fun to play.

From what I read about the test servers, the next patch is going to make end game currently a lot of fun and not so boring.

Anonymous said...

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bahl isvet said...


too bad you left the best game ever.

now you playingt wow, war, allods ??

lol please ...

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Dave said...

Just a little FYI. Aion is going free to play this spring. The price of playing the game is finally going to match the level of NA customer support that NCSoft provides.

rainmanmark said...

I did consider Fifa 13 Coins and http://www.mmowalmart.com/FIFA-13/ writing a multi-game blog or even joining one as an occasional co-writer, but it would prevent me from using a game specific theme/navigation and makes it harder to optimize it for that specific "niche market".

kinah aion said...

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