January 21, 2010

Cooperative Gameplay

Quite a few weeks since my last blog update. During the holidays and the new year I've been rather busy with friends & family. At the start of this year i took a new job, therefore my time to play was rather limited, but tbh i did not miss Aion that much. *sadface* My subscription is still active and I'll decide over the upcoming weeks what I'll do about it. There are a few people that contacted me for various reasons per email and i still did not get back to all of them, my appologies but you have not been forgotten.

There were also some, after my last blog post, that suggested new MMOs to me or offered me beta keys to upcoming titles. Very cool of you guys, thanks. I'm always open to try out new MMOs, so just keep poking me... I might consider it.

During the holidays i had a friend over and we wanted to hang out and play some computer games together. Since he did not bring a Laptop with him, that only left us with my desktop computer. If you own a console there are plenty of games that offer cooperative gameplay - at the same time, on the same screen - but with a normal PC things look different. If you do not include any shooters or racing games, what co-op games are you left with? To be honest i had to do quite some research to find a few titles that are fun to play. I'll share the best with you here:

Bombermaaan (free)
Bombermaaan is a classic bomberman clone with all kinds of different power-ups and such. You can use gamepads and play with up to 5 players on the same computer. *lol* I suggest you disable the "hurry up" feature of making the playground smaller tho. Tip: Backspace will take you back a step during the sub-menus.

Bionic Commando Rearmed
A 2D platform game featuring a guy with a large gun and a bionic arm that can shoot a grappling hook. In co-op game play two players can play together at the same time. Utilizes an intelligent split-screen system if the players move too far apart from each other. Classic platform jumping and shooting, you can use gamepads. fun!

Blobby Volley (free)
Two alien blobs play volleyball against each other. Not really co-op i know.

Ballerburg (free)
Do you remember the really old Ballerburg from Atari ST? Two players shoot cannonballs from their castles over a mountain. You have to take wind strength/direction into account and use gunpowder and cannon angle to hit parts of the other players castle. The free game i link to is only in German afaik, but should be easy enough to figure out. Not really co-op either.

LEGO Star Wars / LEGO Indiana Jones / LEGO Batman
WTF? You think... LEGO? Hell yeah! ;) Until i searched for good co-op games I've never even bothered nor tried the LEGO video games. They are developed by Traveller's Tales and despite being games you could even play with your kids (rated 10+) they offer enough cartoon violence and small puzzles to keep you entertained. Get some booze and smash stuff in LEGOland. You can play with gamepads and two players can adventure at the same time, the newer titles offer an intelligent split-screen feature should the players move to far away. It's more fun then you think it would be...

Do you kow any other good PC games with cooperative gameplay? Share with me...


Grimnir said...

I hear Warhammer Online has a great system for PvP, and it's MUCH improved with the recent 1.3.x patches. Hehe...

Thulf said...

Did it really improve that much? Dunno, so far i never went back to a MMO i left before. Despite i keep on getting those eMail during the holidays that my account was reactivated... :)

Would be quite a good marketing stunt tho, if companies could reactivate eg. former popular bloggers and drag them back into their games. hehe...

Anonymous said...

have you ever tried LOTRO?
It has some unique classes & as you like tanking I am sure the Warden would suit you really well. Please take some time to look at it.
I played WAR but not Aion, so followed your blog as i was a BO.

Anyways, lotro is cheap to buy & sub (mind you after a month i bought the lifetime). Fantastic story & community

Vonus said...

It is a good wait until it comes out but you should consider Star Wars The Old Republic. It looks like EA is giving special treatment this time since it is the BioWare name. It probably helps that they have seen the results of what they did to WAR by pushing it out the door.

Thulf said...

Yes, i played LOTRO. I was part of teh beta and subscribed for some time afterwards but back then it was just not polished enough to keep me there.

SWTOR sounds interesting, tho so far no one really captured the scifi feeling in a MMO that attracted me. But there is always a first time.. ;)

runescape accounts selling said...

I played WAR but not Aion, so followed your blog as i was a BO.

Anyways, lotro is cheap to buy & sub (mind you after a month i bought the lifetime). Fantastic story & community